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Common words, or high-Frequency words are words that appear most frequently in the written and spoken language, such as "the", "or", "of", "as", "it". These words do not mean a lot on their own but contribute to the meaning of a sentence. In addition, these words are often phonetically irregular and have an abstract meaning which make them hard to learn. Lots of practice will make it easier for children to learn how to write and how to pronounce these words, as well as knowing when to use them appropriately, thanks to this entertaining wipe-clean book!

Series: Wipe-Clean Books
The wipe-clean pages provide lots of opportunities to practice as children can return to each topic again and again. A fun and engaging way for young children to learn and develop essential skills, and each title comes with a wipe-clean pen.


Size8 1/2 x 10 7/8
SeriesWipe-Clean Books
AuthorHannah Watson

Wipe-Clean Common Words to Copy

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