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Four-Corner Foundation

Ventura Christian Academy is not just a school, we are a family. We pride ourselves in the students that are built here. By focusing on the four-corner foundation, we are able to build strong, self-sufficient pillars for tomorrow. Through the four-corner foundation, come strong marriages, families, churches, communities, and careers. 


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Biblical Principle

We believe the Bible is the core to the values we uphold & teach. Establishing Biblical Principles not only creates a morally sound student, but it enlightens them. Understanding the principles as well as establishing a relationship with God creates a spiritually balanced student. The student will not just know the Word of God, but also be able to apply the principles from it. Knowledge of God's Word is potential while application is living an empowered life.


Success starts with Self-Mastery. Our ACE curriculum holds a high standard on the student's school journey. We ensure students not just know the material but have mastered it. Mastering the basic fundamentals ensures the student can focus on new concepts & challenges without frustration. We use this same concept for every area of the students life. We encourage students to master academics, communication, leadership, and most importantly, themselves. 



A strong foundation gives the pillars the ability to stand. Strength comes from pressure & proving. Because life's problems are inevitable, students are taught to deal with them. We believe there is a life lesson in every situation. We empower students to champion through struggles & growing pains. Their strength will enable them to stand in hard times & also shelter others in time of weakness. Strength is the ability to help & ask for help. 



Relationships plays a vital role in a healthy foundation. The other corners create a strong individual, but relationships create a strong community. Through relationships students are able to empathize & encourage one another to create a strong family unit. The unique God-given gifts bring students together in unity. Like a lion pride, we grow together through the years & unite as a family. Once a VCA lion, always a VCA lion. 

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